FLL Experience PT.1:

FLL is a robotics competition. You must program a robot made of all Lego parts to complete missions around a mission board. There are 4 stages of FLL, Regional, Super Regional, States and World. I'll be taking you through my journey in two blogs. Here is the first one.

Hope you like it!

At FLL regionals, we performed very well. We even won two trophies that we could take home. We won robot performance second place and we also won best innovation project. In fact, we were invited to a special robot game, where the top two teams played each other in a match. Sadly, we lost that game but it didn't count for the official placements. Even though we won two trophies, we didn't make it to Super Regionals. I was super disappointed with myself.

But, our coach contacted the Head director of our Super Regional. In a Super Regional, there's supposed to be 34 teams and usually top two teams qualify for states. But, in our district Super Regional, there were only 33 teams competing! This meant that there was an error in the system and that we were supposed to go to Super Regionals!

BTW, our Coach's name is Will Zhang, and a HUGE shout-out to him for getting us how far I'll be describing later on in the blog.

In Super Regionals, most rounds went very well. We got second in the robot performance by a close margin of 440 to 460. But, life can't give you a perfect day. We forgot our robot on the stage. The Head Coach, Mr. Smicer decided to humiliate us on-stage so we would never do it again. On a microphone, he said, "Team Triangle, please come up to pick you robot." It was pretty embarrassing.

Then came the awards.

Tune in for the next blog for the results!!!!!