An Open Letter

Hello everyone! I know it has been a very long time since I have gotten back to blogging but here is one of my very own works that I did for a school assignment:

An Open Letter from the Gen Z

Dear loving people from the older generations,

A subset of people in your generation have misconceptions about younger generations. In this open letter, I will highlight the 7 most common misconceptions and how our generations can understand each other better and provide insights into our way of life. I sincerely hope this letter will foster greater understanding between our groups.


Older generations often believe that younger generations are not conscientious about their schedules. They think that we should have a schedule and follow it, even if it means sacrificing our sleep or our free time. However, many Gen Zs find that they are more productive when they work on their assignments at night when they are less likely to be interrupted. Additionally, Gen Zs value the result of their work over the process. We are more than happy to turn in our assignments on time and complete our daily chores and routines, even if it means working outside of our traditional 9-to-5 schedule. We are also very flexible with our schedules, and we are not afraid to stretch our limits to get the job done. Older generations may think that getting up early and following a strict schedule is the key to success, but Gen Zs are proving that there are many other ways to be successful. I humbly encourage older generations to observe Gen Z schedules closely and you may find things that surprise you!


Older generations believe that younger generations should prefer face-to-face communication. However, younger generations use more modern forms of communication such as texting, Instagram, FaceTime, etc. Older generations think that online communication doesn’t generate true friendship. However, younger generations are proving to be very efficient in communicating in these forms. Many develop their best friendship from the internet. Many use online communication as a way to coordinate group work or to hang out with each other. On the other hand, face-to-face communication is inefficient in terms of time and effort. I encourage you to actively participate in digital communication, and you will benefit from the relationships that come with this experience.

Work Ethic:

Older generations think that Gen Z doesn't have a work ethic, they think that we’re lazy and don’t do work at designated times. Though we may not go to work dressed in a suit and having perfectly combed hair or we may not have designated time for work, we still get the job done. We make work fun and still produce results that satisfy demands. This casual approach makes our work more productive because we can do the work at a time when we can focus better. We can also use this casualness to fit in more work in less time. It also trains us to be on our toes in case of new assignments or schedule changes. We can get our advisors to understand that working can be taken casually. It would be great if you could try a casual work ethic and experience yourself the freedoms that come with it.

Misuse of Technology:

Probably the biggest misconception of them all. Older generations will think and say that younger generations misuse technology. This can be proven wrong in a multitude of ways. Firstly, Gen Z uses technology as a way to voice out their opinions. Gen Z has given a voice to many global issues through the use of technology. Second, Gen Z uses technology as a part of life, they use it to communicate with friends, to interact with family, and to develop long-distance relationships that have never been possible before. Lastly, Gen Z has very much used technology as a way to develop skills and to study. Gen Z grasps online resources and uses them for its benefits. We can convince our elders to understand by showing them how we use technology and what exactly we can do with it. One way to close the gap between us would be for you to recognize that technology grows at a rapid pace and Gen Z is leveraging the advancements to enrich the life of everyone around them.

Making Silly Digital Content:

Older generations think that Gen Z only makes and watches silly YouTube videos. Many Gen Zers have created businesses that have benefited the world in many ways. According to a survey conducted by Microsoft, 48% of Gen Zs surveyed have numerous side hustles apart from their jobs. Many Gen Zs create YouTube videos and products that Millennials and other generations enjoy and love. Many Gen Zs create businesses that impact the economy in a positive way. Gen Z has also found new ways to market products. Gen Z has impacted the way many people live and work. I greatly hope you look at the essence and output of Gen Z work and don’t come out with superficial conclusions

Unethical People:

Older generations think that younger generations are unethical, unscrupulous and just not right citizens because we are not as religiously affiliated. This opinion is misconstrued because not being religious is just fine. We need to have the freedom of choice to not be religious. We should also not be proselytized because we are not religious. We are just as ethical as any religious person. We do our daily chores, we respect other people, we are very pragmatic in our work, and we are very flexible. Older generations should change their mindset because having misled opinions on people just looking at their religion isn’t the way to go. I sincerely hope that you observe us more and look past religious beliefs and into our point of view.

We Need to Quiet Down:

Older generations think that younger generations are making a fuss over many silly things in the world and are telling us to quiet down our voices. We should raise our voices and protest against the issues in our world. For solutions to come, people must first actually know what the problem is. What Gen Z is doing is giving voice to many global issues. Climate Change and Inequality are just one of the many issues that Gen Z cares about. As Napoleon said, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” Older generations should see that Gen Z is changing the world and is part of the movement that pushes the world to be the best it can be. I encourage older generations to take a play from their own books. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and many others have changed how the world thinks and acts through numerous marches, protests, and voicing their opinions.

I truly hope this letter conveyed my generation's point of view and I hope it provided insights into our way of life. I have faith that this will help you build greater understanding with younger generations!


Kavin Imaya Kumar

1st Period

Class Color: Yellow