Death by Time Travel and Wormholes

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Death by Time Travel:

"Where are we?" Asks a time traveler. His fellow time traveler adds, "A better question is, when are we?" Time Travel is not as safe as the movies predict. I mean, the actual traveling through time. Not the period itself. Unless you are traveling mere hours into the future, you'd better hope that your time machine doubles as your spaceship. Chances are that Earth will have long departed the place you were in its orbit around the sun at 67,000 mph. Earth would have probably moved to a completely different part of its circular motion around the sun. If it doesn't, your lungs would burst and rupture, your blood would bubble and boil (literally), and you'd then get a major sunburn, (Only if you were near a star), then you would freeze. All of this happens in 15 seconds.

Nice life.

With time and date, you must also provide a location to go along with it. You may attempt to solve this problem by going forward by whole-year intervals. Going to the future is also easier because predicting Earth's path is easier. You would have to also account for the Earth's rotation. Earth wobbles on its axis. You may drop off into the Mojave desert because of the Earth's rotation. But you're not in the clear just yet. The Sun and the entire solar system orbits the Milky Way at 80,000 mph. You would have to consider that in your calculations as well. Finally, successful time travel?

Not so fast.

The entire Milky Way is also spinning as well, completing one full loop in 230 million years. The calculation would go, everything over time. Not to consider the amount of dark matter and energy. In other words, Death, the dark shroud of infinity that enwraps the future from our naked eyes, is the only result.


Wormholes are one of the most interesting and influential concepts in sci-fi and space movies. Not the most plausible of concepts in science though. Essentially, a wormhole is a rip or tear in the space-time continuum. To rip open the space-time continuum, you would need to have a substance of 0 or negative gravitational force. This is impossible. We use the concept that more mass equals more gravitational force. A physical object, even air, has mass and in turn, gravitational force. To make a wormhole, we need 0 or negative gravitational force. There is no scientific plausibility of how long we can keep the wormhole open. We would need a lot of negative gravitational force.

There is also no scientific proof that we can control where we go when we step through the wormhole. There is no telling if we go to Gramma's for dinner or step into the suffocating vacuum of space.

Well, that's it for this blog! Next time, I'll be back with more science!


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