Mass, Space, Asteroid Attacks, Elon nukes Mars, and the Credible Hulk

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Here are three facts about space and science. I hope you enjoy

Fact One: If humans want to keep aliens from eavesdropping on our conversations, we should use AM radio to communicate. Earth's ionosphere is the atmospheric layer awash in free-floating electrons that were ripped from their atoms by the high-frequency ultra-violet, x-ray, and gamma radiations our Sun delivers.

When longer, lower-frequency AM radio waves interact with those elements, some or all of that energy is bounced back to the earth's surface, permitting communications beyond our horizons, and essentially, this communication can circle the earth. This allows us to effectively, "hear" other humans. FM radio is nearly in everything that we do whether it's Mr. Beast's Dares, The Lopezes, or I Love Lucy reruns. Is blasted upwards, and susceptible to an alien with sensitive radio.

Fact Two: The most scientifically implausible hero? No, not Superman with ice breath and laser eyes, no, it is not Thor who lifts a mythical hammer that has no proof of existence, it is drumroll, please!

The Incredible Hulk!

Hulk's origin story itself is weird. Marvel says Hulk was formed when Dr. Bruce Banner was exposed to huge amounts of gamma rays. First of all, even a small exposure to gamma rays would have destroyed Banner's innards and sent him to Hades. Let's say Odin decided to make Banner have the ability to absorb gamma rays.

Why, when Banner becomes Hulk, his skin is green instead of violet, the color of gamma rays? Let's say Stan Lee and Jack Kirby wanted artistic freedom. The weirdest most implausible thing about Hulk is his altered form. Where does all that extra mass come from? Albeit, E=MC squared. If Hulk takes the mass he needs from his surroundings, the very city he is trying to save would implode.

If Hulk tried to expand without using additional mass from his surroundings, he'd lose density the same reason why ice cubes float. Liquid water expands as it freezes. The misconception here is that when the water freezes, it doesn't add mass. The density is exactly equal to your mass divided by how much space you take up. Hence, the equation is d=m/v. When the ice expands, the volume increases, and the density decreases. The big green Hulk would be more like the big green as-thick-as-a-marshmellow Hulk. One punch would send him flying across the suburbs. More like the Credible Hulk if you ask me.

Fact Three: We all know Elon for his wildly optimistic sales forecasts, destroying Twitter, and smoking on Joe Rogan's podcast. But, this idea was probably the best/worst.

WE NUKE MARS!!!!!!!!!!

Recent studies and observations have pointed to the fact that under Mars' surface lurks a frozen ocean. Elon says that if we nuke Mars' poles, we should uncover the ocean, and we then ta-da! Have a new habitable planet to escape to after we trash Earth. There are a multitude of flaws in this plan

  1. It could trigger a cold war

    To generate sufficient heat, we would need to detonate thousands of nukes. The entire logistics of transporting the nuclear bombs is entirely implausible and facing the Rocket Equation would prove impossible. Somebody would have to oversee the making and detonating of these bombs. History has taught us that the one thing we humans have feared since August 6th, 1945: A nuclear war. The making would violate a bunch of treaties as well.

  2. It could trigger a nuclear winter

    Mars is very dusty. If the force of thousands of nukes could tear up enough dust, it could create a giant sandstorm that could envelop Mars and cause a nuclear winter that could lower the temperature on Mars by three degrees Celcius. The sun blocking out the sun was the main cause of what killed the dinosaurs rather than the explosion itself.

  3. Radiation

    The amount of radiation released from those nukes could have taken years to wear off. Not to mention the fact that the radiation could contaminate the water on the planet and turn it into a barren wasteland inside out.

Alright, these are my space facts for the day and I thank you all for your support.