The Sensational Saga of Slimy Dave!

Hello everybody! This is a story I wrote by myself as an assignment in 5th grade. Hope you like it!

It was Halloween night and Fred, John and Dave were trick-or-treating happily with no worries in the world. John was a vampire, Dave was a dinosaur and Fred was a knight. “Guys, do you know that they say that every Halloween night a slimy zombie werewolf comes right out of that swamp/graveyard!” Fred said, pointing at the swamp which was also a graveyard. “They also say that the slime that’s in the graveyard is radioactive and that if the slimy zombie werewolf bites you, you become one of them!

The story says that the slimy zombie werewolf was summoned from another realm by witches. The reason is the witches were punished by an old wizard who protected our town, that’s why they summoned the werewolf to haunt this town.” Fred said. “Yeah right,” Dave said. “All those monsters aren’t real.” “Well, either way, Fred scared the living daylights out of me!” John said.

Suddenly, a big bowl of candy appeared at the entrance to the swamp/graveyard. “Hey, guys!” Dave said. “There’s a huge bowl of candy right there! I’m gonna go and get it!” But Fred could tell something was wrong. The bowl of candy was shimmering and Fred thought that he could see three witches in the bowl of candy, laughing and laughing. Suddenly, the slimy zombie werewolf appeared! “For your greed and utter stupidity, you shall face the ultimate punishment!” “Narraraghaa!!!!!!!” And the slimy zombie werewolf lunged and bit Dave!!

Dave’s head slowly melted into a slimy mixture of radioactive swamp slime and werewolf fur. As the painfully slow process happened, Dave let out a shrill savage scream of pure rage and energy! Then his body slowly transformed into a zombie body as his skin slowly ripped off of his body and his rib cage slowly showed. Then, his fingernails were now claws as sharp as Wolverine's claws. Dave was now… Slimy zombie werewolf Dave! “We have to do something!” Fred shouted as he and John ran away from the 2 slimy zombie werewolves. They ran home and managed to hide out for the rest of the night. John thought he could hear the witch's ghost’s on their tails, calling them horrible names and laughing and laughing.

That night, they were sure they could have heard the cries of slimy zombie werewolf Dave. Tomorrow they formed a plan to get their friend Dave back and destroy the slimy zombie werewolf that had turned Dave into the monster he was. For now. “Okay then”, Fred said. “Here is the plan. I go to church and steal some of the holy water that the minister keeps.” “Then I’ll steal 2 water guns from home,” John said. “Then we’ll go to the graveyard and shoot Dave and the slimy zombie werewolf with the holy water that we conveniently loaded up in the water guns”. “Then we skedaddle right on out of there and we go home and we party!” Fred said.

Then they geared up. Fred wore a baseball helmet and brandished his baseball bat which was littered with sharp wood chips. Then he wore his favorite sneakers. It might be the last time he wore them. Then he loaded up his water gun with holy water and stalked out to meet John. John was ambidextrous, so he wore a boxing glove on his left and held a water gun on his right. He also wore his best sneakers. He wore his favorite football helmet on his head. “Well, this may be the last time we get to be human,” John said. “Yeah,” Fred said. “Let’s go,” Fred said as they fist-bumped together.

As they slowly stepped into the graveyard Fred shouted “Dave!” “Dave, where are you?” Suddenly, Slimy Dave appeared! “You shall face utter destruction from the god of slime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “We're not afraid of you!” said John. Then, Fred and John attacked. Fred swung his baseball bat at Slimy Dave’s foot. “Arahhhhhghah!!!!” Cried Slimy Dave and swatted Fred away. “Ahhhhh!!!!!” “My chest!” Fred had deep-cut his ribs and jumped back to protect himself. Blood stained his shirt with a bright red. John was more fortunate. He landed a huge blow to Slimy Dave’s head. He was only thrown back and suffered a scrape on his arm before retreating. “Now! The Holy Water!” Yelled Fred. John squirted a little with his gun, but then replied “I’m all out!”. Little did John know, he had spilled the holy water from his gun as he was thrown back by Slimy Dave. Then, Slimy Dave charged toward them with blinding ferocity! Then, just before Slimy Dave got them, Fred came back from mental shock and slammed Slimy Dave with his baseball bat. John, who had also recovered from the mental shock, hit Slimy Dave in the groin with his boxing glove.

Fred was now angry. He was tired of this and wanted it all to be over. He wanted Slimy Dave to stop hurting people and get his friend back. While he was trying to dodge Slimy Dave’s attacks, Slimy Dave turned on John who was caught off guard. Slimy Dave lunged and bit John! “Fred! John said. “Tell my family that I loved them and read my will!” Said John in a garbled, shrill voice as he tried to fight the transformation. Fred could only watch as his only friend, transformed into a Slimy Zombie Werewolf. Fred said, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Then, the original Slimy Zombie Werewolf who had bit Dave appeared! “Now you shall be tortured with your friends' peril!” Said the Slimy Zombie werewolf. Now Fred was in full tear mode; he wanted it all to be over and kill the Slimy Zombie werewolf. He fell to the ground and began to sob. Blood dripped to the ground from his chest wound. Then, he felt the old spirit of John and Dave, “They wouldn’t want me to give up,”. Fred thought. He sped past his friends and ran right into the Slimy Zombie Werewolf.

The battle was horrific. By the time it was over, Fred had emerged victorious!!! But he was also very injured too. His left eye had a scar across it, courtesy of the Slimy Zombie Werewolf. He had a huge cut running on his leg. And his chest was a mangled mess of scars. “At least I have my friends,” Fred thought as he looked at the scared bodies of John and Dave.

The End!